A bunch of pictures

It's been a busy several days around here. Biffle's family came to town, but I have no pictures from that visit because they're all on Biffle's dad's camera. Note to Jim: email them to Biffle! Then my family came--here's one moment that doesn't include Aaron and Mary, who were also in town. There's a great picture (minus Aaron and Mary) on Trey's camera. Trey, see the note above for Biffle's dad.
   Piepmeiers, minus Aaron and Mary

Maybelle's birthday isn't until this coming weekend (Friday, actually), but my parents got her something she's been strangely eager for: a big kid doll, unlike the baby dolls she's had. I'll do a complex feminist reading of this eventually, but let me say for now that she's named her doll Bolo (sometimes "Bolololo"), a name I really like, which she came up with entirely on her own. And Bolo is taking part in a lot of developmentally appropriate pretend play, as here, where she's enjoying some breakfast with Maybelle.
Having breakfast with her birthday doll, Bolo

School starts tomorrow, so tonight we had our annual Women's and Gender Studies cookout at the WGS House, an event the students put on which was fantastic. The WGS Facebook page will have more pictures if you're interested in that scene, but here are Maybelle and Amber hanging out together and having a great time, while Bri cooks burgers and veggie burgers in the background.
Amber and Maybelle


Elizabeth said...

Great article and photos! Is Maybelle EVER unhappy?

Alison said...

You know, she's a pretty happy kid. But we're also being selective in what we photograph. We've done very little documentation of the excessively irritating whine she's developed. And I don't think I've taken any pictures of her temper tantrums, which are brief, but quite powerful.