Different sorts of moments in life

Yesterday I spent four hours--four full hours--responding to emails that had been languishing in my inbox for weeks.  I'm still not finished, but I made significant progress.  I felt both accomplished and also a sense of, "Ack!  My life is overwhelmed with technology!"

This morning I'm drinking coffee and folding laundry.  Maybelle is sitting on the living room floor with me, quietly playing with my shoes.  We're both listening to the sounds of the morning--the sounds of the towel fabric as I shake it out before folding it, the sound of George Jones purring.  It's astonishingly pleasant.

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krlr said...

Ha! I've spent the last four full weeks hopping around the country, throwing birthday parties, & sending the kids back to school. Now I'm catching up with all the lovely posts languishing in my reader, with vats of coffee of course. I keep thinking about that article on busyness, your post & my reaction to it. That guy irked me, as I'm sure was obvious, and I'm 97% sure he doesn't have small children but.... yeah. Too busy.