I'm speaking in church tomorrow. No, I'm not kidding.

It's been a big weekend around here.  This morning was Maybelle's birthday party, which I think I can appropriately characterize with the following two pictures:

Birthday cake!
Please notice who's on this delicious cake:  Dora and Spider-Man.  That one had to be special ordered (actually, we just ordered the Dora cake, and they gave us a Spider-Man to go with it).  Almost every bit of the cake was eaten at the party, and I'm going to eat the rest of it tonight.

Happy greeting
And this looks like a version of the womb dance, but it is, in fact, Claire's greeting to Maybelle when Maybelle ran up delighted to see her.  Lots of stuff like this happened at the party:  kids getting thrown into the air, spun around, flipped upside down, etc.  When the sugar rush kicked in, the kids were quite amazingly active.  And the party was over before the sugar crash hit, so it was well planned.  Lots of fun, and we're so glad that so many people came out to wish Maybelle a happy birthday!

And now the news that the title tells you:  I'm speaking tomorrow in the Charleston Unitarian Universalist church.  Over the summer we do low-key services in the air-conditioned Gage Hall--the place you'll know well from seeing it above in Maybelle's party pictures--and I'm speaking at tomorrow's service.  My title is "Embracing Human Diversity, or the Welcome Table."

I'm not yet finished with the talk, but I'm almost finished.  I thought Charlestonians might want to know.


Elizabeth said...

The party looks like fun, and I'm hoping you'll have a copy of your speech or a recording!

The Mom said...

I was thinking the same thing about the talk, Elizabeth! I want a copy or a recording, please...