Comedy of errors

A brief report from New Bedford, MA: we've had a wonderful weekend here, with some significant mishaps. My mom sprained her ankle on Thursday, so I had to wheel her through the airport in a wheelchair piled up with all our suitcases. Walter's dad had an awful cold and, as the Biffles say, acted like he had dead lice falling off of him. And at dinner on Saturday, I cracked a tooth--illustration below.

Maybe we absorbed all the bad luck, because things went great for Biffle.


Morluna said...


Kelly Love said...

That pic makes me hurt just looking at it!

Alison said...

Yeah, I feel kind of bad b/c my tooth picture is so much bigger than the picture of Walter's monument site...but if you click on the monument picture, it expands nicely.

Oh, and the tooth doesn't hurt, thank goodness!

Miss Meghann said...

OUCH. :( Your teeth wish they had Under Armour protection.

AP/Biffle, what is that person ranting about on my blog? About opium and me having kids, and Duke?

It makes my eye twitch when I try to read it.

Gargantuas said...

I once broke a tooth on a bite of chocolate chip ice cream. Losento.

But I have never dumped a tub of spaghetti on someone's car.

jims said...

I bit through my own tongue last night while eating a veggie dinner. I think we're now in (sort of) the same boat.