Political monuments

Biffle posted pictures of the numbers on each of his monuments the other day--now here's a picture of some of those monuments on site, in a lot on the southend of New Bedford. I'll let him share whatever he wants to about the pieces themselves, but I want to say:

  • His mom burst into tears in the gallery when she saw him talking with the mothers of several of the murder victims his pieces are memorializing.
  • The fact that these mothers came to the show was a significant event in and of itself: I suspect that members of the poorer communities of color in New Bedford have rarely been explicitly invited to--or felt explicitly included in--art openings downtown.
  • I am so proud I can hardly stand it.

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Walter said...

note: i still gotta plant grass. an unfortunate side effect of outdoor art--installed at this time of the year in massachusetts--means ugly landscaping.