Why I absolutely love my job

While Walter's been writing these incredible blog entries that make me fall in love with him all over again, I've been traveling cross-country with WGS students. Five undergraduates and I went to Valdosta, GA, this weekend for the Southeastern Women's Studies Association conference, where they all did a great job of presenting their research.

We stayed at the La Quinta, which is quickly winning out over Hampton Inns in my book. La Quinta has a free continental breakfast (which we all know is of the utmost importance to me), free high-speed internet, AND they allow pets. And even more impressively, this particular La Quinta had an afternoon happy hour with free beverages and hot chocolate chip cookies.


I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the students--we talked about everything from why they're feminists to Rachel Ray to Duke's mayonnaise (which will be the topic of its own entry sometime soon).

And then here's the best part: on the way home, Sara, Jamie, Meg, and I randomly got off the interstate and found a carnival in Jasper County, SC. So of course we stopped and engaged in some greasy carnival fun.

Meg and I rode the Octopus, which was so violent that at one point I thought that I was going to pre-emptively throw up the elephant ear that I hadn't yet eaten. I managed to hold down the nausea, though, and did not repeat the infamous Taco Bell parking lot incident of 1998. However, Meg and I did scream so loudly that the guy running the ride let us off early.


Maig said...

Wow, sounds like crazy fun. BTW -is that Meghann Elizabeth! in pink?

Alison said...

Yes! How did you know?

Sara's in the back, then Meghann, then Jamie.

Maig said...

I'm brillant. Plus I saw a pic of her on her blog making about the expression.

Charlie said...


I'm watching the Under Armour commercial. Go to youtube.com and search for "protect this house."

Walter said...

what in the world is that thing, charlie?

Miss Meghann said...

If I had a dollar for everytime I had to hear the question Biffle just posed, well shit.