Answer to the quiz

I'm sure none of you will be surprised to learn that Biffle is playing bluegrass right now, so he's unable to give the answer to the QUIZ from earlier today. He has instructed me to tell you all that the thing that is special about the letter to the editor is that it consists of three paragraphs and three sentences. One sentence per paragraph.

I also think an acceptable answer is that it contains absolutely no real information. I suspect that it's written in code--only homophobic South Carolina Episcopalians can understand it. It's probably informing them about a secret meeting coming up.


Fudge Pie said...

Didn't Ms. Ivey require a minimum of 4 sentences to qualify as a paragraph? Obviously this guy didn't read Harbrace.

Kenneth said...

The one-sentence paragraph is very common in newspaper writing and editing. Witness the first few paragraphs of this recent article from my local paper.