Caveat emptor

We recently switched to the new version of Blogger. I don't suppose it's any different for the reader, but it apparently has all kinds of new features for us. The only one I've discovered is that somehow, as I switched our blog over to the new software, the malicious A.I. that runs the program decided to put Walter's name on every post I've written, and vice versa. So if you look below, you'll see that Alison wrote about why Walmart sucks, and Biffle wrote about being the nerd girl at the Honors reunion. Somewhat out of character, really.

I believe this particular glitch is now fixed--I did, in fact, write this post, as well as the ones from 1-4-07--but please keep this in mind if you read our archived material.

If anybody knows how I might fix this problem, I'd love to hear about it.


Trey said...

Would going through and "republishing" you old posts fix it? That is--specifically tell it to republish everything instead of just the "index" or whatever? I haven't played around with the new version yet, so don't listen to me.

krlr said...

One of my whopping 3 non-family readers rx'd you (my daughter has ds too) and I've been cyber stalking back thru your archives, though admittedly out of order. ...I have to confess I thought the backwards names were some lofty gender/martial bending academic exercise. I am a GENIUS. Anyway, I think I've read everything except 2007 and am now a devoted fan. Though I still love my heels & lipstick. Don't hate me.