Something Nice

Proudly, Alison and i have all but quit watching the television. Oh sure, i'll turn it on if she goes to bed before me--see if i can't catch a Mythbusters i haven't seen (like many people, i'm sure, i've got the hots for the girl on there)--but mostly we just turn it on to watch a dvd.

(another factor is that Alison has really never watched teevee anyway. It was just me. However, since i have stopped smoking AND decided that sugar was killing my brain and hence given it up, i just can't allow myself to sit there and look at it. i wasn't previously aware of it, but i have always abhorred television--i evidently just tolerated it because it give me something to do while i ate really awful things).

Anyway, that's the case this evening. No television. Alison and i are sitting at the table both playing with our computers. I figure she's actually working. I've been reading people's blogs.

I don't do it much. Mostly i just maintain my end of this thing because i've found that people seem to like me more when i don't talk to their face like i talk here on this blog. It's an outlet, you know? Anyway, i went on a blog binge and enjoyed the pooh out of it.

This is what i have to report:

Tonight i have throughly enjoyed reading a blog called
Tiny Cat Pants. (which oddly--or perhaps not--addresses a post to one of Alison's childhood friends, Tracy Moore.)

Also, i want to say that Alison and i have been remiss by not adding JAZ's most excellent blog to our "blogroll" or whateverthehellyacallit over there on the side of the page. I spent quite a bit of time reading him tonight and found myself enamored of him...with him...gee whiz...found myself enamored.

okay. there you have it.


Heather said...

I met Aunt B about a year ago on one of my trips to Nashville. One of her blogger buddies, BadbadIvy, is a close friend of mine. TCP is one of my daily reads.

The Mom said...

OK, I give up...I couldn't find the post to Tracy Moore. Would you give me a hint? Like what's the title of the post, or the date?

Mary said...

we haven't had cable tv for 2 years.
everytime I think I want it back, I just go to someone's house that has it and find out that nothing's on... ever.
although, this morning aaron & i were talking about the shows we would watch if we did have cable and figured out that those shows come on about 5 different channels. so, if I could pick which channels i could have (and not the 90 others) then I would go back to having cable.

The Dad said...

Yea Walter

I didn't know if you have thought about it but maybe all anyone is doing is exchanging one lit screen (TV) for another lit screen (computer). Granted a computer is interactive and does require some reading but very soon TV is going to be at about the same level of interactiveness (interactiveness..? interactivity.. interactivitiness.. hmmm.. interactivitinesstitude...)
Sorry, started to drift...

Besides, what about the Food Network (Rachel, Emeril...) and Numb3rs...

The Dad

Francis X. Archibald said...

Thanks for writing/commenting. OK to borrow, but send me 10 percent of all royalties above the first million.

Biffle said...

heather: Yeah, i found Aunt B to have a wonderfully bad attitude.

the mom: here's the link:


Mawee: it's true. nothing's ever on.

the dad: True. I do like Alton Brown a lot. However, for a relevant and thoughtful post as to why blogging (and reading blogs) might be better check out the post by the man that just commented here below: francis x. archibald.

here's his link:


francis x. archibald: you can actually have half the money. (i pretend to be a socialist in my spare time).

Biffle said...

well, i didn't think that link thing was gonna work and it didn't.

google "tracy moore, were you raised by jackals?"

and for the x. man just follow the link to "lowcountry blogs" and scroll down till ya see it.

...if you want to...

Megan said...

Okay this afternoon I had typed a three paragraph comment. Then the computer's battery died! :( So I went back home to no internet connection and decided to take a run which turned into a run, walk shop, combo. Fun, fun.

So now I'll try to remember what I was going to say before.

First, Lovely Sillybiffleness post.

Second, tiny cat pants are the funniest things ever! who would argue with that!?!

Now I'm at a remembering lull....


Well, it was oh!
Fooey...something or other about food and TV and how I am so inspired by your rocking healthy and hipness. Bike, overalls, eating healthy no-smoking all that shit. Rock on!
If overalls became super comfy I might wear them all the time being hip by not caring...Walter I am pretty sure I think of that conversation everyday.
Okay. Trey wants his computer back.
Alison, I got a couple zines for you. (Trey reminded me, the sweetie, or I woulda forgotten.)

Okay bye then.
It was a much better comment before and it ended like this...
"thank you for this moment"
But I can't say I have the same feeling right now.
So I will say thanks for the moment earlier...it was a good.

Really now. Bye.

Conseula said...

Is watching a DVD any different than watching TV? You've still planted yourself in front of the tube. (And I mean this seriously. I'm always puzzled by parents who have very strict rules against watching TV, but have no qualms about DVDs. What's the difference?) And while I too love Mythbusters, I must say that girl annoys me. Does she really do anything but provide eye candy?

claire said...

one difference b/w dvds and tv (as precisely a parent who restricts the latter) -- commercials. As an adult, however, I think there is no real difference in jaw slacking spaciness b/w a dvd that you choose and a tv show you choose. I think the horror of tv is the flipping through the channels. Because then nothing is really being watched and yet there goes the time and it will never come back. But wasn;t it the novel int he 19th century (18th?) that was seen to be the mind sucking end of culture?