Go read this letter to the editor in today's Charleston newspaper.

When you're finished, come back here and comment on what makes this particular letter special.

Answers at 10.


Kenneth said...

As a new (and often troubled) Episcopalian, I can't wait to hear the answer.

The Mom said...

Is this in regard to ordination of gay priests, appointing of a gay Bishop, and/or approving of gay marriage? I was talking to an Episcopal friend recently (at Connie's retirement party, actually) who was mentioning dissension in that church. I just don't remember the exact point of disagreement.

Sarah said...

Well, what makes it special to me is that he never actually says anything at all about his topic. If you don't already know what the brouhaha's about you can't figure out his opinion for all the spouting of self-importance and name dropping. My guess is, like the mom, that this is about the saction of gay marriage and the inclusion of homosexual clergy in the Episcopal church, and the decision of some southern diocese to split from it and join the Anglican something of something in Africa (Yeah, I totally know what I'm talking about). But really, what makes this special is how easily his name becomes The Very Rev. W. N. McPreachy.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee. I agree with Sarah! But I also can't find the letter from January 2nd which he references. Did it ever exist? Was it censored? Did it happen on a different day? In a different paper? gah!

I also can't figure out why they sometimes split the letters to the editor up from a single day instead of putting them all together, and so why this guy (as well as certain others on previous days) get a 'headline' all to themselves!


Kenneth said...

Sarah -- It's totally Episcopalian to be very forthright without actually saying anything. The Via Media, they call it.