Being with Biffle

This is one of those posts that I periodically put here, posts that could--by an unsympathetic reader--be seen as an homage to living with someone who enables my workaholic habits. But let's assume, for a moment, that this is not the kind of reader you are.

Here's what Biffle did for me today:

  • Drove with me to the airport to pick up Kate Bornstein and then to school, so that he could take the truck and Kate and I wouldn't have to drive around forever looking for places to park.
  • Came to campus at a moment's notice when I called him at 6:30 saying that the technology guy who was scheduled to meet me and Kate at the venue at 6:00 hadn't shown and couldn't be found, and by the way do you have an XLR-1/4 inch mic cable? And by the way I might be about to cry?
  • Called all his musical friends, found the cable, and got to school within 10 minutes, at which point he made Kate's mic work so that I could run around and make sure everything else was in good shape for the talk.
  • Made me dinner, just now, at 11:02 p.m., after I shooed everyone out of the venue and got Kate back to her room.
He is a rock star. In the domestic, supportive, adorable, divested of male privilege, handy way.


Bookninja said...

I have to say, that being a rockstar pro-feminist husband is not something that gets enough props. Way to go Biffle! If I find a copy of Martin Puryear by Neal Benezra - it's yours for free.

CT said...

Three cheers for the Biffle!!! That's true love right there, folks.

Biffle said...

you manage that, bookninja, and i'll come plug YOUR XLR-1/4" jack.

claire said...

And here's to a world where the support of a partner is the norm and not the exception; a world where we understand that true partnership is based on mutual support, understanding and concerted effort to help your loved one do what he or she does best.

Anonymous said...

Yay for love!

Signed gratefully by a woman whose loving husband Mike brings a wonderful cup of decaf after his morning meditation, while I journal.

Sometimes, married life is sooo worth the effort.


The Dad said...

Yea Alison

As I have often said, I liked Walter from the very first time I met him

The Dad

Pam said...

I agree - three cheers for Biffle (and for you - for expressing your gratitude!)