My Weekend Craigslist Adventure

Over the weekend i answered a craigslist ad that said this:

WANTED: Kayakl rack/ Roof rack - $100

Below is the email extravaganza that followed.

WALTER: i have some old thule (?) roof racks in my garage i don't use any more. They use to be on my wife's saturn and i don't know why they couldn't be made to work for you. you can come by and see them if you want, i live downtown.

SARAH: hey..well are they Q clips or rain gutters? what length is the cross bars? also I live in columbia but come to charleston alot. So before I come pick them up..whaats the price for them?

WALTER: they are yakima, q-clip style, with 48" crossbars. I reckon i could get 100 bucks for them fairly easily. They were missing a pretty easily obtainable piece (the foot on one of them) when i went out to look at them this morning. If i can't find that i'd sell them to you for 75 (and then you'd have to buy the replacement part for $20).
alrighty. lemme know what you think. i can send you a picture if you like.

SARAH: hey..yea I doubt they will work..right now im planing on buying a huge package deal from someone else down in charleston for only $140..so if that changes ill let u know

WALTER: right on.

SARAH: hey!! I am stil very interested! So do you still have the yakima rack? Its the Qtowers with the 48inch cross bars..does this come with the Q-clips? Would you sell everything for $70? let me know and I can pick up everything with cash monday!!! thanks so much1!

SARAH: hey..yea also could you send me a pic..and you said the foot was missing? is that the q-clip..or part of the towers?..like I said I am VERY VERY interested and ready to buy!!

WALTER: i'll do the photo first thing in the morning. If you don't hear from me, write back and remind me--i'm liable to forget. listen, i'm not trying to be a snot, but i'd really like to try and get the whole hundred for them. i looked and found that foot that was missing (well...sans a piece of rubber on the bottom) so, they are all ready to roll. They only got used for a short while, are in great shape, and were originally like $250 or something. (i looked on the website and what i have is "four towers with q-clips, and 48" crossbars. I guess the only thing to worry about is are they going to fit on your car?)
I'll shoot you a picture in the morning and you can decide. later, gator.

SARAH: hey, yea well I will have to buy two sets of Q-clips to fit my car..I mean I can buy the towers and cross bars for about $60-$70 on ebay..so if you are still interested in say $80..I would do that or whatever, I just need them monday..how old are they? also monday is the only day I can do it, so will you be able to do it monday? thanks and let me know ASAP please!

SARAH: hey, forgot to ask does it have the sks locks and a key? If not I cant really afford to pay $100, I have to buy the lock which are $40 for 4 and the Qclips and feet which are $60 for 4 and kayak stackers for around $70..Im in highschool and realy need this..so I think if it doesnt have the locks even $60-70 is fair..but Im willing to pay $80..it also depends on how old it is, since you said in the first email it was an old used one..thanks

WALTER: couple of things:
yes, you can get them monday. the only time i'm not available is from
10:30 to maybe around 12. gotta take the dog to the vet. other than that, i'm free.
and you probably shouldn't have reminded me about ebay. i think you're wrong about that $60-70 amount. unless you're thinking i've got something else, the "completed auctions" shows what i've got averaging around $130. i'm just too lazy to ship that stuff.
still want the picture?

SARAH: Hey, Yea the buy it now, because they are brand new. I just passed up cross bars and towers for $70..Im not wrong, I know how to sell on ebay. I will pay $100 I just think your ripping me off since they are old. Yopu acted like you would sell them dirt cheap at first. Yea, I want the pic. Whats $20 to you? Im in highschool and have to buy my own car..geez..not trying to be rood or anything. Like I said I still need them so please send the pic asap. Thanks

SARAH: hey, you dident answer my ?'s about how old they are nor do they come with the sks locks? There is another guy I was talking to that had 78in crossbars, 1A raingutters, paddle holders, kayak stackers, Q towers and clips and it was 6 months old for only $110..too bad I cant se the 1a towers. They sounded pretty old since you said my wifes old roof rack laying in the garge..People who sale on ebay usally havent ever used there things and keep them in tip top shape. I buy and sell 24/7 on ebay/CL, thats how I make 75% of my money besides babysitting. Just let me know, I need to find a used rack at a good price down there by monday so I can carry two kayaks back home..let me know and thanks

WALTER: excuse me. they are two years old and were never used--other than spending a month on top of a car. they do not have locks.
They were my "wife's old roof racks, laying in the garage" because we sold the car two years ago, but kept the racks. I always thought i would need them again, but it turns out that hasn't been the case. I hadn't even considered getting rid of them until i saw your listing on craigslist.

SARAH: Well will you help out a teenager? You dident even know what brand they were at first "thule?"..Like I said, I just got outbidded on the same stuff, it sold for $72.93 with sks locks..so without locks, I doubt you could get $70 for them. My boyfriend just bought one for $120 brand new with sks locks on ebay. So will you just sell them for $80? Also, I need to know ASAP like now, I need a plan for tomorrow, I cant just keep emailing back and forth..whats your number and a address to pick them up? I have cash, like I said help someone help, I help people all the time and get nothing in return, your an adult so whats $20?..please email me back asap..thanks

SARAH: Look at it this way..the ones your seeing on buy it now ebay brand new have locks...locks and kays cost $40 brand new/yakimas site..So set your price at $120 like you said, and deduct $40 because they have no locks..im just gunna have to go buys locks$40, Q clips $60, and stackers $50-/+..Oh also, what model/make/year did you have the clips on?..Name a good time for tomorrow/address/meeting place/phone number..thanks

WALTER: I'm weary of emailing you. This is my last missive: i am offering (as i have been since the second email i sent you) a yakima roof rack, four towers without locks and a missing rubber foot, 4 q-clips, 48" crossbars. It is two years old, and other than the rubber pad, is in excellent shape. The price is 100 dollars.
If you are interested in that, then let me know in your next email. I will then send you my address so you can pick them up on monday.

SARAH: hey..I thought you said you found the rubber foot? You said you found it..if not then you said you would sale it for $75 without the foot..you said that, so thats that. $75 right? I have that email, no one would pay $100 for that.. You said $75 right? That roof rack is half there, it will take another $100 to replace everything. I will bring $75 cash like you said before..I save all my emails..How about giving me your wifes nubmer, since its hers, and letting me deal with her, she will prob give me it, and help me out on easter, any nice person would..let me know..I will pay $100 with the foot..without it $75 since u said that..let me know now..not another 2hours wait please..ur nubmer/address..thanks

SARAH: Also, seNd a pic..stop emailing back and forth..im ready to get an address..we will talk price tomorrow..thanks

SARAH: hey, give me the modle/make/year so I can resale the Q clips I cant use..

WALTER: forget it. Find your things somewhere else.

SARAH: no, I said I will buy it for $100. If the foot is still missing like you said at first $75..I need to know asap..

SARAH: hello? Im waiting for an address/number and the answer..does it not have a foot or NOT? please stop going back and forth...Here is the deal No foot=$75..FOOT=$100..what you ORG. said!! Since you are going back to the ORG!!! BE FAIR PLEASE..you want $75-$100 or not?? your u cant get it from anyone else at that price..I just need it now..asap please

SARAH: need to know asap..please thanks

SARAH: hey..so dSid u find the foot or what? thanks n let me know asap

SARAH: hey..just let me know asap. I need to plan..Like I said I will give you $100, it just not fair but god will take care of that later. If the foot is there $100. if not $75 like you said to BEGIN with..right? please email me back asap...I have your number and will give you a call later if no email..


claire said...

I particulalry like th epart where she presumes your wife will be nicer and particulalry b/c it is a) easter and b) she is in high school. Can you imagine having that hyper, demanding, somewhat crazed person in class??

you may have to change your e-mail....

Sarah said...

So did she call? Did you have to call the cops on some crazy high school student who sounds like she's planning to run away from home? She gives Sarahs a bad name.

mary said...

oh my.

b said...

it's not fair, but God will take care of that later.


you will have to let us, your devoted readers, know the outcome of the phone call (if she did wind up calling you).

the patience of Job is what you have, sir!

too bad you aren't closer to St. Louis. I might buy it, otherwise. :)

Aaron said...

I love it.

Did she bluff about your number, or did you get a call?

Biffle said...

follow up:

4:30 pm on monday, and no, amazingly, she hasn't called. She must have been bluffing about having my phone number.

yes, she does indeed give sarahs a bad name, and, hey b: come on down down to see us and we'll hook you up!

jmsloop said...

This was the most fun I've had all day. I admire your willingness to continue answering question.

Almost as much fun as Grindhouse.