This is Alison, writing from Walter's account. My dad and Catherine have both insisted that it's time for another pupdate. It's hard raising puppies so far away from their grandparents and aunts, so it's important that we keep everybody abreast of Benya's development. So here you go: a non-political series of pictures that document how much bigger Benya is getting. (Just as a heads-up: I believe there will be a political post later today about the ultrasound bill, so enjoy this non-political interlude while you can.)

As you can see, Walter is in love, in love, with this puppy. He often looks at her and says, "She is so cute you could just stomp her." I admit, she is pretty damn cute.


The Mom said...

Oh, my gosh! She really has grown, hasn't she?? But still a real cutie. You'll have to bring her when you come to Cookeville!

The Dad said...

Yea Alison

yes, Benya is cute... Almost as pretty as The Max

The Dad

Catherine said...

Gosh durn that dog is cute!

the Aunt

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