Because Biffle resolutely refuses to blog these days*, I'll have to tell you about our recent adventure. On Monday night, one of my former students, Andrea, took us out kayaking. She's a kayaking guide this summer and has access to all the boats and equipment. We went out on a tidal creek near Folly Beach for a sunset tour, and we had the best time! We saw dolphins, all kinds of birds, shrimp jumping up out of the water (was I the only one who didn't know that shrimp jump up out of the water?), and oyster beds.

Speaking of oyster beds, Andrea made a discovery in her time with us. Before we got into our boats, she gave us the safety speech. This speech mostly consists of, "Oyster shells are razor sharp. They're deceptively sharp. Whatever you do, don't touch any oyster shells!" To which Biffle responded, almost regretfully, "Oh, now that means I'm going to have to touch an oyster shell."

Andrea didn't know Biffle well and was sort of shocked by this, but I said that yes, because of his oppositional defiance, he probably would be compelled to touch an oyster shell. When the server brings the plate and says, "Don't touch this plate--it's really hot," Biffle always has to touch it.

Fortunately, he was really careful when he touched the oyster shells, and he didn't get hurt.

Here are some pictures Andrea took of us on the water. I have pluff mud on my cheeks because that's Andrea's kayaking ritual, and it sounded pretty cool to me, so I joined in.

*I've been hounding Biffle to return to blogging, but he's gotten out of the habit. I wonder if peer pressure would work? You people should encourage him.


The Mom said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Alison (and Andrea - was that right?) And, Walter, I'm not a peer, but I miss your blog posts! Are you just working too many hours?

Cassie said...

Wow--that looks like tons of fun. Remind me to get Andrea's number so I can check out an excursion when I get home. Want to do another trip?

Biffle...come baaaack! The world needs more snarky social commentary!

Time to go teach the kids--

Deborah Siegel said...

LOVE the mud, Alison! Come back, Biffle! XO

Kevin O'Mara said...

I personally would like to hear more from Walter on the subject of hand-made and durable items.

For example, I love this guy's work:
but I'm curious to hear what Walter thinks.

I'm always curious to hear what Walter thinks, actually.


femme fortis said...

Let me try the oyster thing... Biffle, you best stay away from the blog. Not only could you hurt your eyes, you could damage a pickin' finger, too!