One last trip for the summer

My research assistant Taylor and I are in North Carolina right now, researching grrrl zines in the archives of the Sallie Bingham Center at Duke. Researching in archives, as I shared with several people the last time I did this, is like summer camp for nerds. We're exhausted at the end of the day, but it's a lot of fun.

Here's one of the cool zines I'm going to talk about in my book. It's called Free Lost Girl, and Cindy, the zine creator, has made little stickers for each copy of the zine.
This is one way in which zines are different from blogs. Let me just say that I love y'all, but I'm not making you little stickers.

On our way to Durham, Taylor and I passed one of the weirder phenomena in South Carolina--an attraction called South of the Border (because it's just south of the North Carolina border on I-95). It's part theme park, part fake museum, and the largest part unbelievably tacky tourist trap. So of course we stopped. In one of the many gift shops, we found a very, very large coffee mug. I told Taylor about my habit of taking Biffle's picture with very large beverage containers, so she let me do the same with her.

We also had some ice cream. One of the overriding themes of South of the Border seems to be large plastic replicas of--well, of just about anything that occurred to them. African animals, Pedro (the mascot of South of the Border), dinosaurs, rabbits, and ice cream cones.


Biffle said...

...and (you didn't mention!), South of the Border's owners are also the producers of Blenheim Ginger Ale!

cassie said...

South of the Border has always scared me. Every time I've driven by, it looked like a haunted, burned out amusement park. But now that you and Taylor have proved it more or less safe, I may just have to stop on the way home.

Three cheers for tacky fun!

Curtis said...

You know, I've ALWAYS wanted to go there, but I've never been in the area. I'd hoped to make a detour on the way home from Myrtle Beach last March, but it didn't happen. It always sounded like Heaven to me.