Shout outs

Inspired by Girl with Pen, I'm trying to do more mainstream writing. Although I dearly love the academy and academic scholarship, I'm also committed to getting feminist ideas out there into the broader world of folks who aren't signing up for my classes. Here are two little pieces of mine that have come out recently:

"Can You Be a Feminist and Sexy?" in Skirt! magazine

"When Our Bodies, Ourselves Became 'Now What Exactly Is Going on Down There?'" on the TellThem! blog

And in the world of other people's writing, one of my favorite young feminists has decided to start her own blog, which can now be found on our blog roll: Under My Skirt and In My Head.


alaiyo said...

Hey Alison! It's Caroline from "Gender and Violence" spring 2007. Both of your articles rule! They are accessible, smart, and provoking. "Can You be a Feminist and Sexy?" deftly differentiates between misogynist beauty standards and feminist celebrations of sexuality. I think many people are confused about the relationship between feminism and "sexiness" because of ridiculous anti-feminist myths that all feminists are ugly and hate sex. The article clarifies that a positive, feminist sexuality does not prohibit people from feeling sexy and attractive; rather it encourages women and men to love and celebrate their bodies!
"When Our Bodies, Ourselves Became Now, What Exactly Is Going on Down There?" has a VERY clever title and makes a great case for comprehensive sex education. I fondly remember the reproductive system / vulva / orgasm lecture you gave us in "Gender and Violence."
Anyway, I hope you're enjoying a lovely, relaxing (well, maybe not relaxing, what with research and the NWSA) summer! I shall send you my new e-mail address. Let's keep in touch.

Alison said...

Hey, Caroline--glad to see you're reading! Do send me an email! I'd love to hear what's up with you.