Two heads of gorgeous curls

Claire and I took a road trip today to the Ouidad salon closest to Charleston. This one happens to be in Charlotte, NC, three hours away--but we were willing to spend a day getting gorgeous curls.

Here are our before pictures:
Claire, with her mid-morning snack of IHOP sausage links.

Me, standing against the wall at the hair salon (the stylist didn't seem to understand that I was hoping for her to take a "before" picture of both me and Claire together). Notice that we are inadvertently wearing matching outfits.

And here's an "after" picture that in no way does justice to our gorgeous curls. Members of both our immediate families allowed as how they didn't see much difference, but I'm sure you'll all agree that our hair now is curlier, shinier, and a bit shorter. Well worth the drive. (And we had a lot of fun, too.)


Alexandrialeigh said...

Sorry I couldn't come up with a restaurant recommendation -- none of the girls in our office had any good ideas near your salon. Hope you found something good!

Ms. Stubel said...


You are such a Ouidad junkie!
You two look awesome, though, I love it!

You should have made the trip 3 hours longer and stopped in Rocky Mount, NC -- it is really the most thrilling place you could ever hope to add to a roadtrip...


Alison said...

Aleigh--we found a restaurant called Lupie's on the Roadfood website, and it was delicious! Total greasy spoon. Claire said we were probably the only people ever to have left Bliss Salon Spa and gone to Lupie's.

Meg--I am a total junky, although since I only get my hair cut about every 8 months, it doesn't end up being too much of an inconvenience. Sorry that we didn't add the extra three hours for Rocky Mount!