Julie and Julia

Conseula and I went tonight to see Julie and Julia, a new film about Julia Child and a fan of hers who cooks every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was such a sweet movie. Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia Child--a spot-on version of her that was human and not at all a caricature--and Amy Adams was also quite good as Julie. Although I preferred Julia.

The two things that were depressing about the film were really more about me than about the film:

  1. The Julie character blogs every day for a year about what she cooks. Every day! I'm impressed if I manage to blog once a week. Conseula pointed out that neither Julie nor Julia had children.
  2. The film celebrated good food, showed it being cooked and caressed, eaten and moaned over. And what did I have for dinner before I went to the movie theater? Frozen waffles. I did top them with Rodenberry's Cane Patch Syrup, a sort of weird syrup that I learned about on Kevin O'Mara's blog, so maybe that counts for something.


Ula said...

I just got back home from seeing it too. We read J&J for my book club. I liked the movie better just cause there's more Julia magic than Julie Powell's book. And i'm with you, Meryl Streep is amaaaazzzinng! No one else can compete. Julia Child is so inspirational, she makes me want to learn how to bone a duck. And "My Life in France" is next on my reading list.

mary said...

aaron & i saw it last night and i really enjoyed it. we were talking at the end about the comment julia apparently made about julie's "project." i thought that was a little sad but i was pleased they didn't make it an expected hollywood happy ending... you know?
i love food movies.

The Mom said...

Flossie & I are going to see it at 1:30 today. Nice to see that you liked it. Sorry about your points of depression.

Did I tell you about the book on cd Trey and I listened to on the way home? "In Defense of Food", by Michael Pollan. It was very inspirational about the benefits of eating and savoring good food, and eating it _with_ someone...something we often don't do. Too often we either eat in front of the TV (depending on what time we actually get ready to eat) or Lee in front of the TV and me in the kitchen. I am inspired to make several changes...we'll just have to see how that goes in actuality! :-)

r maria said...

Alison, I followed the link to Kevin O'Mara's blog. He is quite the photographer! I sent the link on to a CofC grad/photographer now living in New Orleans. My grandmother served Roddenberry's cane patch syrup with hot buttered biscuits. Thanks for bringing back memories of my childhood. I loved Meryl Streep in J&J. Cheers! Maria