Things I didn't expect about parenting

I go to bed at 10 p.m. now, because Maybelle wakes up around 5 every morning--and therefore, so do I.

We choose her food based on two criteria: 1) What we think won't hurt so much when it gets thrown up, and 2) What we can stand the smell of, when it gets thrown up.

I'm not much of a clothes person, but her outfits are awfully cute. It's fun getting her dressed.

Different small things get to me and Biffle. For him, the almost intolerable thing is how much she spits up. For me, it's when she won't take a nap. We're fortunate that one of us is able to be reasonable about the thing that freaks the other one out.

I fear that she is taking over my entire brain. I'm not a very good conversationalist anymore.

Every new skill she develops is really exciting. Check this out.


Heather Solos said...

I have friends who try to pretend someone can't switch from being a night owl to a morning person. My kids get up at the butt crack of dawn every day, so I have no choice. I can either hate my life or suck it up and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Enjoy the infatuation. Your child IS amazing. For those who have to put up with your quirks, but haven't experienced it, it's not a permanent state. They'll live.

Morgan Watts said...

I just went and watched pretty much every video you have posted over at vimeo, and Maybelle has completely made my morning :) I think my favorite is the one from Christmas....she has a beautiful smile! And I'm obsessed with the little chub on her arms - perfect.