Maybelle's first birthday party

Maybelle turns one tomorrow, so on Saturday we had her first birthday party. Obviously the first birthday party is an event for the parents rather than for the baby, and I have to say it was everything I wanted her first birthday party to be. The weather cooperated, in spite of forecasts predicting rain all afternoon, so we gathered at the duck pond at Hampton Park. The bigger kids threw loaves of bread and bags of stale cereal into the pond, while the littler kids hung out on blankets where the adults could admire them ("So big!" "So much hair!" "Look, a tooth!").

It was an intentionally low-key party. The invitation promised "No events planned," but that wasn't entirely true, because there was one major event: the birthday cake. It's a Piepmeier family tradition that on a baby's first birthday, she or he gets a one-layer cake to play with, massacre, and/or eat. I made Maybelle a banana cake with caramel frosting, the first cake she'd ever been offered before.

She started off in curious good spirits, sticking her fingers in the frosting and giving it a taste. You could immediately see her brain kicking into gear: "Holy crap, what is this stuff, and where have they been hiding it all this time?" Then she dug into the cake with commitment, scraping off handsful of frosting, grabbing chunks of cake and smearing them into her mouth, onto her face, and across her entire body. It was an incredibly luscious, sensuous experience.
She ended up with a frosting beard and a little body just coated in sugar and crumbs. She loved it. Here were Biffle's and my reactions:

One of our friends who's a pediatrician advised--when asked--that we stop her after she'd eaten about a cup. I guess she ate at least that much, and would probably have kept going. Remarkably, she didn't throw that much up, and after Biffle cleaned her off in the water fountain, she was able to enjoy pulling the tissue paper from her gift bags.

It's always so validating to be with friends and family who want to help you celebrate a milestone like this. The party was great fun for us and left us feeling like we'd wrapped up Maybelle's first year of life in just the right way: by letting her stuff herself with sugar and surrounding her with people who love her and are glad that she's here.
Singing happy birthday
Birthday hat


Cate Bush said...

Love the post, love the pictures, love Maybelle. Happy 1st birthday little one :).

Pam said...

This looks like the best first birthday party EVER!

Carol McCullough said...

So cute! Happy Birthday, Maybelle!

Sarah said...

Maybelle in a hat may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Happy birthday little girl!

Kenneth said...

Happy birthday dear Maybelle!

The Mom said...

Alison, thank you so much for sharing in your blog! I had watched the video and seen the photos last night, but this made it almost feel like I was there. Catherine said it so well, so I second that, and add my own very Happy Birthday to Maybelle!


Ashley Maggio said...

I love the pictures of Maybelle, she's so beautiful.

Also, I met you yesterday with my friend Amber at the WGS cookout. I love my goodie bag & I can't wait to attend the other events for WGS.

Hope to see you soon,


Ula said...

that bottom picture is just priceless. happy birthday Maybelle!!

emboogie said...

Oh my, these are precious. Walter showed me the blog last night so that I could see some more recent photos of her. These are VERY cute. Looks like Maybelle had a WONDERFUL first birthday : )