Get-ting Bet-ta All The Ti-i-ime: Removing the Staples After Alison's Surgery

Alison's surgery was last Friday morning. Her staples were due to be taken out 7-10 days later.

Dr. Freidman had given us the removal device before we left North Carolina and suggested we find professional help in taking them out. I told Alison and Dr. Freidman i felt confident i could do the job, but they both scoffed. I mean, i've always taken my own stitches out, and besides, as i said to Alison, haven't you seen what i can do with a chunk of wood?

So, yesterday when we looked it occurred to us those staples really did need to come out. Me and Linus Pauling are both big believers in Vitamin C and i'd been pumping Alison full of it since the beginning of January. Because of this (or, ostensibly because of this, for you skeptics) her skin was quickly healing and growing around them. Alison's nurse practitioner was out sick, and we haven't even visited her local neuro-oncologist. In a moment of validation and vindication of me, Alison's Uncle approved of me being Alison's staple-remover person. After all, he said, it isn't brain surgery.

Here is the video evidence. Warning: Although only mildly graphic, those of you who are squeamish may not want to watch 'cause there's a little bit of blood.


Cate Bush said...

I only watched the first couple of staples come out because I didn't think I could take seeing blood :) ... good job Walter. It was so good to see Alison (even briefly) and hear her voice.

Love to you both!

grace said...

Couldn't watch it, got scared. But Yay! Staples out!

Shayne Floyd said...

nice job Walter. Glad you guys are home and healing.

Christie said...

Believe it or not, I met a lady here at work yesterday who was operated on by your surgeon b/c of blood cot tumors bursting or something. May not have that exactly right. But she said, Oh be sure and tell your friend my story - which is that there was something she couldn't do or say just right for about a year and now she can. She also remarked on the combo of fabulous surgeon/limited bedside manner. :)

Joel Barton said...

I came by that Friday after I got out of the OR, but you were in a Dilantin-induced sleep. I didn't want to wake you. When I came by Sunday afternoon, Dr. Friedman had already let you out, so I missed seeing you awake after surgery, but I have been following you on your blog. It is my devout hope that we need not meet professionally again! I had been debating on the ethics of posting in a public forum, but since you seemed to be open about the process, ultimately I gave in, mostly because I wanted to wish you well. Walter, good job on the staples! I see a budding new career if you ever get bored with making furniture!

Anonymous said...

Can't watch it, but I'm so happy to read about it! Sounds like the healing is going well.

I'm not surprised that you are a capable staple remover, Walter, even though wood and flesh are two very different media.

mary said...

YES! fantastically done! totally fascinating.

Quiche said...

Ew! Great D.I.Y., Walt!

Reminds me of when I broke my right leg tib/fib and before the EMTs arrived I couldn't stand the sight of my leg hanging over, and couldn't comfortably rest my foot so I crunched it back straight. I think it was more painful and horrifying for James to watch- made him a bit angry with me too. I now set off metal detectors (:

Looks like they did a great job on the stitches as well, nice and flat. Alison, we need to create you a tee to commemorate your ordeal (:

Infinite blessings!

Sarah said...

As a nursing student, I have to say that I really enjoyed watching that. Looks like they came out with ease. Well done, Walter. :]

So glad to see smiles on both of you. Keep resting up, Alison!

Sarah Bush

Jill said...

So it was not an April Fool's joke on February 20 after all, Walter! You really did take those suckers out! Appendictomy with a can opener next? The healing matzo ball soup will be there asap.

Sarah said...

EEEWWWWW!!!! Awesome.

And also Walter, you have a poofy head.

Grammy Pammy said...

Congratulations, Walter and Alison! More progress every day! Such good news. I was surprised they let you take the staples out, Walter. I didn't think they allowed such things. I didn't take the staples out of Joe's incision, but maybe the site of the surgery was the determining factor (not that I wanted to take them out anyway :D) Take care.

Tawanda Bee said...

I could not watch, but I loved hearing Alison's voice!!!

KMB said...

Go Walter & Alison - I love the DIY staple removal! Very impressive display of skill.


slwscout said...

Well done Walter AND Alison! I'm glad to see you both looking better. I'm also glad that you didn't use your furniture making tools on the staples....or one of those office staple removers. :-)

The color is back in BOTH of your faces. I wish we lived closer so we could help more. We'd be happy to help on any follow up visits.

Sending strength and recovery vibes your way.

James said...

That was easy.

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Hazel Ketchum said...

When I saw that I said " I am NOT going to watch it" Then I did and I was glad to see Walter do such a good job. If you can play the banjo - you can do anything!

Marguerite said...

that was awesome. Walter, the next time I have staples to take out, I'm coming to you!