News from backstage

Biffle and I are in the Duke University Hospital tonight.  The good news is that Dr. Mo Mo was upbeat tonight when we met with him--he even said that the tumor looked better to him than he'd originally thought.  Woo hoo!  When he mentioned how much he enjoyed working with his patients and made reference to me and Biffle as his patients, I pulled out a picture of Maybelle so that he'd be aware of the third patient in this family.  He was impressed with her tooth and said, "Corn on the cob."

The bad news is that the weather is so terrible in Connecticut that my uncle the neurosurgeon couldn't come down.  He's made himself 100% available for phone consultations, which is the next best thing, but I'm disappointed that he's not here.  His presence would have brought everybody's anxiety down a notch, I think.

I'd like to give a shout-out to my anesthesiologist, Joel Barton, and I'll mention him by name because he's web-savvy.  During the course of our conversation this evening, he mentioned both Baxter Sez and third wave feminism! When I expressed my amazement, he said modestly, "I like to do my research on my patients."  Damn!

As we were driving to North Carolina yesterday, I asked Biffle how he was doing, and he said, "I'm just ready to get up on stage."  That's how we both feel.  So I'll send out this last blog missive from backstage.  Biffle will blog in the next few days to keep you all updated on our progress, and I hope to be back here very, very soon.


Carol McCullough said...

We'll be thinking about you! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and you are able to get back to Maybelle ASAP!

Julie said...

Break a leg! Our thoughts are with you all. We are here when you need us. I'm sure your brain will give a remarkable performance! xoxoxo

Agrado said...

I wish you the speediest recovery ever Alison. I know you'll be back playing with Maybelle in no time! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The best, to both of you.

Sarah M. said...

What a great anesthesiologist!

My heart is with all of you today.

Love and healing!

Tawanda Bee said...

I woke up thinking of you three with a heart full of love and goodness... all things bright and beautiful.


arastarred said...

sending good energy & thinking of you!

Ashley M.

Anonymous said...

Alison and Walter. My thoughts have been with you for the past couple days, especially. I have been thinking
all morning of the unfolding of the next chapter of your story, there at Duke, and just want to send my love and prayers. I feel anxious, but grateful that you are in the best of hands. Just know that one more person is holding you and the surgeon and Walter and Maybelle and all of you in my awareness, being present with you from afar, stoning myself in the room cheering all of you on.

Sending much love,

Kathy V in Nashville

Kenneth said...

I am, in fact, praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sending good brain vibes to you and yours today. Will keep checking in on the blog and looking forward to seeing you in Montreal in May!

Julia E. said...

Alison and Walter, I was thinking of you a lot this afternoon and hoping that by the time you read this you are in recovery from surgery and headed toward the next phase of healing. We're cheering for you here.