We've been talking a lot about me lately, for good reason.  But I just wanted to remind all our readers that there's somebody else luscious around here who has been

  1. Learning new words (she's up to about 17)
  2. Crawling the full length of our house, on her own
  3. Taking two unassisted steps, and then was outraged--kids with Down syndrome have to develop motor plans, which can take a little while.  But she is putting together the gross motor skills required for walking, no doubts.


emboogie said...

WOW!!! Way to go Maybelle! Im quite impressed : )
- Emily

claire said...

What a fabulous photo -- it really captures her blue eyes and impish grin

Quiche said...

Awesome photo, and what a beautiful girl!
She is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Great photo!!

Okay, I admit that I only watched about 15 seconds of the staple-removal, ugh!, but I admire you all for the knowledge you are producing for the rest of us! I never would have known how exactly that all looked. :-) Hmmm....now that I say that, there was that C-section.

What I really wanted to say is that you sound and WRITE amazingly well...and like yourself! For nine days post-brain surgery, you are amazing. I hope you can get back into to your work routines--little by little--I know how important that is for you.

We're all thinking of you as we plans (and contingency plans) for, we hope, a reunion in Montreal. But if it's not until Denver in November, so be it. It's all up to you and your brain--and, it sounds like, Biffle, and his facial experessions. :-)

Everything sounds so good though and Maybelle is so cute. Hope this lack of structured work time gives you opportunities to enjoy all that.

Best wishes, c.

Cate Bush said...

Holy Crap - 15 words! I need to know more :). Hopefully I'll be able to call you soon, if my voice ever returns.

Love you!

Christie said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Sarah M. said...

Looks like she is having a great time adding to her skills. What a cutie!

Totally0Random said...

Her eyes are gorgeous! We're so glad everyone's doing well!

-- Mel & Arthur