Baxter Sez = super famous

I think this is the first time Baxter Sez has been quoted in a national publication--a national print publication, I guess I should say, since I know we've been quoted in lots of other people's wonderful blogs.

But check it out!

You'll notice that the post they quoted was the one where I was agonizing about how to respond to what I referred to as my pedagogy failure, but the excerpt highlights my successes, not the particular failure with which I was grappling.

Here's the flipbook version of Skirt!, so you can see the magazine as a whole (this quote is on page 82).

Thanks, Margaret!


krlr said...

Very cool! Nice of them to pull out that bit too. I think people 'get it' more when the issue is placed in context w/other slurs (which is why I think the Glee PSA was brilliant, even if I still haven't started watching it yet).

Aaron said...

Super cool! Congrats!

mary said...

ultra cool! i miss skirt.

Kenneth said...

Never knew you had the baxtersez.com URL! I've been getting here via piepmeier.blogspot.com, and proudly spelling your name correctly time after time.

Alison said...

Kenneth, I'm so glad that the spelling of my name is now imprinted in your keyboarding. But feel free to use baxtersez.com (the one problem here is that I regularly mistype it as "baxtersex," and I'm not really interested a website with that name).