My version of tweeting

Although my brother was into Twitter so early that his Twitter name is simply his first name (this, apparently, makes him very, very cool), I'm not a Twitterer.  I realized, though, that I have my own version of tweeting:  I take pictures with my cell phone and send them to our Flickr page.  If you're interested in knowing what I'm doing on weekends, or in the early mornings, check out our page and you'll see:

Here we are at the downtown Charleston fountain.  I inadvertently put up so many pictures of Maybelle in fountains that I've decided to resist that urge for the rest of the summer.

Maybelle bought herself some cheap sunglasses
Maybelle having breakfast at a restaurant, showing off her new sunglasses.

Back at the Waffle House
Maybelle having breakfast at another restaurant--this one her favorite of all time. She was very excited to be there.

You'll also see that a number of these pictures are taken on walks, and you can see the trend that's developing that I'm documenting. The last picture is from this morning, and Bobo was a very good sport.

Walking Bobo


Anonymous said...

That last picture just about killed me with cuteness.

Anonymous said...

They are all adorable shots, but the last one, I just want to smush. So cute!


Quiche said...

I like your version of tweeting (: As the old cliche goes, "A picture is worth.." The "Self_portrait" one of you and Maybelle and the "Camera Grab" on your Flickr page is precious too!

Alison said...

Thanks for the love, y'all! Yeah, I was proud that I was able to capture the cuteness of Maybelle walking Bobo this morning. Bobo weighs probably 5x as much as Maybelle, but she is good natured.

And you picked out two of my very favorite pictures, Quiche!

krlr said...

Bobo!? Cute! Love Maybelle photos but her AND the giant puppy together are heart melting. I might have a soft spot for the puppies. Tell us about Bobo! (please)

Alison said...

Hmmm...I might have to do a separate post about the Bobo.