The Bobo

The other day, a blog friend asked for some info about Bobo.  Rather than offering coherent info, I thought I'd offer two lists:


  • She's large, but not in the ways the direwolves are large.  They can take down a horse in battle.  She could cause a horse some inconvenience, but that probably sounds like too much effort to her.
  • If someone broke into our house, I think she might deign to raise her head and look at them.  If she were interested enough, she'd stand up and then enthusiastically nuzzle her head into their crotch.
  • She's really itchy.  You rarely read about the direwolves chewing the fur off their tails because of flea allergies.  Also, direwolves don't have to have Benadryl.
  • She's incredibly tolerant.  Certain members of our household have decided that a fun game is to play "Gitchee!" with the Bobo, and she doesn't seem to notice.  Nor does she seem to notice when the same member of the household sits down on her.
Here's a video that gives evidence of Bobo's non-direwolf qualities (although it does show her as a bit like Chewbacca, which has the potential to be incredibly cool).

    • If she doesn't know you and you make a move toward Maybelle, she will rip your arm off.**

    *If you're not familiar with direwolves, count yourself lucky.  They're part of the Game of Thrones book series, about which I'll say:  stay away.  They're addictive, and I've now moved from the fun "Oooo, I get to read the book!" aspect of the addiction to the sickening, compulsive, "Get me the book!  It's not even enjoyable anymore, but I have to finish!" aspect of the addiction. 
    **This is also a Chewbacca-like quality.


      krlr said...

      He DOES sound like Chewy! And has the big furry head too. Have you considered the Star Wars potential here? That would be an awesome family Halloween [That I wouldn't tease you about at ALL]

      Also, kudos on the training. My dogs would have just made a run at the plate.

      claire said...

      So which one of you is Han Solo?

      Anonymous said...

      Awwww.... he talks! Love that . And the soulful gaze just does me in and it's not even directed towards me and I feel his power.
      PS- I am addicted as well- my book on Amazon is pre-ordered.
      Thanks for sharing your Bobo.

      Alison said...

      Star Wars Halloween has already begun, krlr. Maybelle has been Yoda for two years in a row, and I have gone to several Halloween parties dressed as Leia (although none since Maybelle's been born). I think this makes Biffle Han Solo, but we can all agree Han Solo isn't as giggly as Biffle.

      Starrlife, our book is pre-ordered, too.

      emboogie said...

      aww - i always did have a love for the bobo. She always greeted me with such enthusiasm - i loved it except for the whole face in the crotch - a bit intrusive. We had a good many conversations back when i would sit at your house - maybelle was always asleep so the bobo kept me company. I enjoyed babysitting her as well as maybelle. And inky too - who loved to come and sneeze in my face and feel me up by kneeding his paws on my chest. Inky was the only cat I was ever fond of - inky and bobo were always so full of personality.

      Martin said...


      Game of Thrones.

      Done now.