Evidence that Spielberg wisely refused the monkey penis that Lucas shoved deep into his neck pouch

Raiders of the Lost Ark is out on IMAX this week.  We saw it last night.  Do you know what Spielberg changed in the 30 years since he created the film?


Every bit of the film is the same as it was, all the melty faces and everything.

"He didn't even focus scenes that were blurry!" I announced with joy after the movie.

"That's because it was his artistic vision," Biffle said.  Neither of us needed to point out that Lucas doesn't even know the meaning of "artistic vision."

And where, nerd herd, were you last night?  Why weren't you all with us at the IMAX, loving loving loving Raiders of the Lost Ark?


krlr said...

Nobody will ever, ever accuse you of not caring!

sarahmartin said...

That's the best blog post title ever.

Alison said...

Thank you, Sarah. I thought so, too.