Where the hell are the Biffle-Piepmeiers?

I know, I know--we've been really absent on the blog these days.  I haven't been reading blogs lately, either, so if my blog friends are up to amazing things, I don't know about it yet.  I'll catch up eventually--we've just had a lot going on.

Some highlights:

    Walking into the band competition.
  • Palmetto Invitational Band Classic:  On Saturday, Biffle, Maybelle, Uncle Trey, and I went to this fabulous showcase in the football stadium around the corner from us.  The event was so cool that I realized as I was writing a blog post about it that I really need to write an article for the City Paper about it.  This is one of the weird bummers about having a new/different writing outlet:  some of the things that would have gone here a few months ago now need to go somewhere else, and all that will go here is a link to the column.  I mean, I love having a column with the City Paper, but it feels a bit like I'm letting Baxter Sez readers down.  Kenneth Burns, is this why you stopped blogging?
  • Please notice in the picture above that Maybelle is carrying a cloth doll.  Her name is Leah, and she's a hand-me-down Groovy Girl from Nina, the person in the world most like an older sister to Maybelle.  As I write this blog post, Maybelle is eating breakfast, and Leah is sitting at the table with her.  Leah is much beloved, and she's quite the dancer.  It's interesting that out of the three Groovy Girls Nina gave Maybelle, Maybelle has identified Leah as her favorite--and that's the doll that was Nina's favorite, so much so that she has a notable bald spot from all the loving she received from Nina back in the day.
  • Visiting speakers:  Ann Fox is in town right now, and she's an ideal person to bring to campus, because not only is she fun to hang out with, but she's legitimately interested in the thoughts and experiences of every single person she encounters.  As I told Biffle last night, if she were sitting at the table with us, she'd ask Biffle what he does, and when he said he was a woodworker, she'd immediately have three truly curious questions about the work he does--questions that would be interesting for him to answer.  She's having lunch with some students today, and they're going to love her.
  • Jawgrind:  Here's the big news for tonight:  I've been invited to be a guest on the podcast Jawgrind!  I'll admit here that my friend Eliza made a tiny bit of fun of me for expressing my excitement for being on this podcast in which Trey and his friends discuss old episodes of Star Trek.  It is a bit of a nerd herd phenomenon, but I love the nerd herd.  Nerds are my people.  Plus, nerds are often a bunch of white boys, and they need some diversity, so I will at least bring the white woman voice to the herd.  Rest assured I'll post a link here when the podcast is up.
  • Family pictures:  One more thing:  check out the picture below.  What do you think?  Thanks, Trey!

Family Portrait the First


Robin Barrow said...

From the title of your blog entry, I thought there would be video of Maybelle dancing. I'm a little disappointed.

Elizabeth said...

The photo is adorable -- the smiles and the love make you all look radiant. That sounds a bit nerdy, but I'm auditioning for your herd.

Alison said...

Elizabeth, you're totally in the herd!

Robin, sorry for the disappointment! I'll try to get something cute about Maybelle up here soon.

Kenneth Burns said...

Partly I stopped blogging because journalism depleted my blogging energy. Also, much of the kind of writing I used to do on my blog I now do in social media.