Finally, the story about the Palmetto Invitational

Awhile back I told you that Biffle, Uncle Trey, Maybelle, and I went to the Palmetto Invitational Classic, a fabulous marching band event.  I said that I couldn't tell you about it because I was going to write about it for the Charleston City Paper.  So here's the link to that article, which came out today:

"Confronting segregation in Charleston:  An invitation."

And one other thing completely unrelated to the article.  Maybelle is sleeping late this morning (it's 7:34 and she's still asleep!), and I'm letting her.  I get that as a four year old, she's at the age when I probably need to wake her up if she's not awake in time to get ready for school.  I get that I will probably regret making this choice.

But when was the last time I had a cup of coffee, blogged, and read my friends' blogs alone in the quiet house in the morning?  Let's see, I guess that would be four years ago.  I'm enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too disheartened! There is a downtown school that shows a balance of white and black students: Charleston Charter School for Math and Science. Check it out! This is a hidden jewel of the North Central hood!

krlr said...

I grew up in CA which is completely different beast, but judging by the comments to your article you seem to have struck a nerve. If I'm in town next Sept, I'll go too & then there will be 5 (well, probably 8 since we tend to travel en masse).