Please go below and read Biffle's post, "Continuing a long tradition of putting very personal things in public places" (such a true statement about Biffle).

Then come back up here for something much funnier:  I am a guest star on Uncle Trey's podcast, Jawgrind!  It's episode 22, "Respectable Voltage." I was brought on as the feminist expert to comment on the misogyny of "Metamorphosis," an episode from the second season of the original Star Trek.  "Jawgrind" is all about old episodes of Star Trek.  The hosts are full-on nerds:  all computer-based careers, and all white guys.  AND they're all guys I'd like to hang out with (let's be honest, who did I spend my college career with?).

Uncle Trey records the conversations and then edits them, so he does hours of work to make "Jawgrind" happen.  It's pretty cool stuff.  This is a new level of fame for me.

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