quicky about the 2008 presidential elections

Quickly, i have this for you before you get on with today's real news in Alison's post below:

I want to take an oath (that includes a little editorializing) here and now:

I am not going to look at, read, pay attention to, or otherwise care about anything that has to do with presidential hopefuls at least until next year's first primary. Until that point i want the candidates to know that any dollar--of the billions they intend to spend for america's most miserable job--will be a dollar shoved up a monkey's butt. Every air polluting mile they log on a jet will not serve to help any of us breathe easier at night. That every time they call the other one an evil name on national television will not be confused with a plea for unity.

I want them to know that what they are currently doing is not helpful, is not newsworthy and only serves to reinforce our country's current inclination to turn everything and everyone into some sort of celebrity contest/package.

So from this moment on, i'm finitoed. Please feel free to join me, y'all.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I wondered if others thought about this obscene amount of money being spent on elections. That money could be spent on making the world a little better place to live.

Pam said...

Boy, I so agree with you. I wish they'd all stay home and save everyone some money.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would take all those election funds and put their moneys where their advertising mouths are. Use the campaign funds to donate to the causes and ideas they "say" they support and then let the so-called journalists spread that info.