The World According to Mr. Chase

Sometimes , when i begin a post, i wonder how many total strangers might see this? Like how many people might be reading here that don't already know about bannedfromwalmart.com? Probably no one. Therefore i'll continue without any background story.

I was just thinking yesterday that i hadn't received a good "banned" story in a while. I've only gotten a handful anyway, and many of those are from angry walmart lovers or people's amusing but unusable tales of getting banned for shoplifting or fired for smoking grass in the bathroom, but still, there has always been a slow but steady trickle. So i was delighted to find--even as i thought i wasn't gonna get anymore--an email from a Mr. Chase. He has an interesting world view. Here is his letter:

My story is that you should be banned. I would have done the same thing to you were I there. Wal Mart as we know is the largest corporation in the world. It took a lot of brains to reach that goal. Not everyone agrees with their tactics, BUT they got there. How far along are you to reaching your goal? Maybe if you had some experience in business you never would have spoiled one of your Tee shirts with your childish message. No I do not work for Wal-Mart, nor does any member of my family. In fact I don't know a damn soul that works there. I just respect the fact that, they got there!!!

Mr. Chase's name in his email address had the word "Colonel" attached.
With reasoning powers like that I'm hoping he's connected with fried chicken and not soldier's lives.

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