Disc Makers

Since i appear to be mostly powerless over whether these guys continue to send me catalogs in the mail, i guess i'm just gonna have to use one of the few public voices i have and out their company here on this blog as BIG FAT PAINS IN THE ASS!

I have begged, i have pleaded, i have cajoled, implored and fussed and nothing--lo, nothing!-seems to make these guys quit sendin' me these damn things. They are being sent to the former resident, and evidently also, to all of his friends.
Fortnightly i receive 2 (2!) copies addressed to 5 (5!) different people. They must have signed on for a lifetime subscription for this wildly fascinating paper waste concerned with supplying the industry of copying DVDs and Cds.

Yesterday i made my 30th and hopefully final call to Disc Makers. I explained to the guy on the phone that i knew that he was simply doing a job. He did not deserve to be fussed at. But I thought it was important for him to know that his bosses were sending me 134 trees per week in my mailbox and I wanted them to quit. I told him my cd and dvd copying needs were presently met. That the Halloween Mega Bites special was not tempting to me. I was not interested in Easter's CD Salvation either. That i found Thanksgiving's "If The Indians Had Our Dvds, They Wouldn't Have Been Wiped Out by Influenza Sale" just plain tacky.


Anyway, dear readers, whatever you do, NEVER EVER give your name to those lousy tree-wastin' bastards at Disc Makers. If i get one more catalog in the mail, i'm gonna go down there to that place in Tijuana where the owner of Disc Makers hangs out (did i mention he only has one shriveled testicle and has sex with animals?) and punch him right in the nose job.


Ariel said...

you could try marking them "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER" and putting them back in the mail - that should get their attention.

mary said...

haha! you said "punch him right in the nose job"...that was funny.

Kevin O'Mara said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours. Ever. I hope you are victorious in your struggle.

I'm actually a bit disappointed to find out that they haven't stopped sending them to you yet. I was going to tell tales about how I always get a prompt, "Yes sir, we'll stop mailing you those things" when I call and ask, but it occurs to me that I was already a customer of the companies I called. Of course they don't want to piss me off, so they'll stop sending.

I guess Disc Makers wants you to use your own Laser of Hate to emblazon their name on your brain. Then one night, late into the evening to the point that it's almost morning, you'll want some discs. You'll *need* some dics.

And you won't know who else to call.

The Dad said...

Yea Walter

Good Post...

OK, as I have had this same situation happen to me, I found out what the deal is with these companies.

With the new huge amount of information now available from many different sources, people (specifically publishing companies) can now offer very targeted demographics. This means that companies that want to reach a certain percent of a catagory, culture, subculture... can now do it more efficiently.

Instead of spending $100,000 for a 1/2 page ad in a widely focused publication (Newsweek, Time...) that only offers say a .1-.2% reader population of their specific product, they can now spend $50,000 for a 1/2 page ad in a publication that has a 70-90% reader population for their product. (long sentence.) While "Time" may have 2MM subscribers, "Woodworking Monthly" has 30,000 subscribers all who may be interested in exactly what that company offers. This kind of advertising money is very, very attractive to small publications.

And now to the point... In order for these specific publications to get the high advertising dollars, they MUST guarantee a certain number of subscribers. This is very important. If they say they have 25,000 people in a targeted area, they have got to send that many magazines, flyers, advertising brochures...

So, this sometimes means when you call and ask them to stop, if they have over their needed amount they usually stop. If they are below the needed amount, they send the stuff anyway...

Maybe you could find where they are located and take Baxter and Beenya over and have them attack them. They are so vicious...

The Dad