Why My Mama Drives a Honda

When i was around 7 years old the next door neighbors pulled up in a ridiculous, orange go-cart with the letters CVCC at the bottom of its tiny doors. The car was a Honda Civic (CVCC stood for compound vortex controlled combustion). Me and my family laughed at them and finished putting the fender skirts back on our 4 door Pontiac.

Well, it's 2007 now and my mama drives a Honda. I know why this is--and so do you: Even back in those days Honda made an excellent car, far superior to the American competition. They also did the right thing at the right time, which was to introduce a very fuel efficient automobile when some serious shit was fixin to go down with gasoline.

I thought about all of this this past Saturday afternoon when i went outside and started up my own Honda: a 1976 550four. Here's what it looks like:

Charleston doesn't really get what i'd call winter, but i've gotten kinda wimpy in my old age and don't like any cold. As a consequence, this bike sat outdoors, uncovered--and unridden--for all the winter months. I don't guess i've ridden it since like September.

But do know how many kicks it took to start it? (i have to kick start it because the starter is broken) It took 3! Kick, kick, Varoooom! Here i am, 38 years old and afraid of the cold AND i got to spend my entire winter indoors, and here is my sweet motorcycle, a mere 7 years younger than me, braving the elements (however, i did get it a cover for christmas),ready to come to life at a second's notice after all that neglect. Ain't that somethin?

I could hold forth here, but ill leave it at this:

My country (tis of thee) has its head up its butt.


Kevin O'Mara said...

And here I thought I was the only one who knew what CVCC stands for.

Alison said...

YOU didn't get it a cover for Christmas, *I* did!

Dan said...

dude, i want your bike.

The Mom said...

But you got it for *him*!

Biffle said...


does this mean we're both losers?


(if you're serious) i think that bike may be going up for sale on craigslist soon.