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I've just been speaking to the South Carolina Coalition for Healthy Families in Columbia. I actually called about something else, but here's what they told me:

The ultrasound bill is going before the State Senate's Medical Committee tomorrow morning, and they're asking for testimony from MDs as well as from other professionals with an opinion about this issue. They know that it's incredibly short notice, but if you're available, consider attending the session, which will be Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in room 308 of the Gressette Office Building. South Carolina Coalition for Healthy Families will compensate for mileage. Brandi Parrish is the contact person, at 803-929-0088.

You can go to www.scstatehouse.net to get directions to the building and to see the text of the bill, which is #84.

The person I talked to asked me to spread the word that the situation is desperate. The Greenville News has reported that Senator Bryant, who proposed the ultrasound bill, was so encouraged by how quickly it was approved by the House that he's considering introducing an amendment that would require that all women having an abortion have to view their ultrasound at a crisis pregnancy center.

We need to call our senators. Senator McConnell and others are concerned about the constitutionality of this bill and will respond to calls (his #, by the way, is (803) 212-6610). This is not the time to sit back and think that others will do it.

Quick update: I just called Senator McConnell's office and talked to his administrative person, who was so glad I called! She said everyone in their office opposes the bill, and they're eager to get evidence of opposition from constituents. She said it would be wonderful for people who have an opinion on the bill to email Senator McConnell at sju@scsenate.org.

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Anonymous said...

I wish there is something I could do to help but as I live in a different country I don't have the power and perhaps the right. I am going to make a point of seeing what is happening locally with this issue to make sure that this kind of bill is not being contemplated here.

Good luck with your efforts (that sounds so lame but you know what I mean) and please keep us informed.

By the way, it seems a bit petty given the importance of this subject but I have tagged you for a Thinking Blogger award. You really have made me think.