Benya hasn't gotten much press lately, but she's much bigger than she was in the initial pictures we posted here of her miniature little fuzzy puppy self. Now she's getting lanky, and she's starting to get some of her adult fur. Don't trust that cute expression--she's probably been snacking in the litter box.

I like this picture because it allows me to imagine that her ears are going to stand up eventually.


aaron said...

1) you're up at 6am...uhhh

2) If you're super fancy, you'll put Benya's picture on the comment page

3) Ross & Ariel just got their first dog (husky/lab mix)

4) can you believe I typed all of that without looking anything up?

The Mom said...

If you'll notice the size of that paw she's holding in the air in the second picture, you'll get an idea of how big she's going to get!

She looks bigger (and less puppy-ish) than she did just - what? - a week and a half ago? No, it was two weeks ago tomorrow when we got to your place. Hope everything is going along well for you all!

Love, Mom

Jims said...

I have transferred my affections away from Jacob's cat and to Benya. She is the new love of my life.

Catherine said...

Dern, she's completely adorable.