Something Actually Blog-Worthy?

This just in: A friend of mine (an adult man that rides a skateboard, but we can make fun of him later) just told me today that skateboarding has been made illegal on the streets of downtown Charleston. He was "caught" last night, and although told he would be let off the hook this time, in the future, if caught skateboarding again, he would be fined $250 and have his board confiscated.

Now, I do not have a "skateboarding is not a crime" bumpersticker on my car, nor do i plan to put one there. Like the grown and curmudgeonly adult that i am, i find skateboarders and skateboarding kind of obnoxious, loud, and funny looking. However, also like most grown and curmudgeonly adults, i can get concerned when it starts to hit close to home.

See, my buddy wasn't grinding away at marble stairs, or skinning the paint off of public handrails. He wasn't jumping off of steps in a city park full of tourists. No, he was riding one of those really long skateboards down the street to his place of employment.

Now, here's where it starts to get really interesting: My friend, in true skateboarder fashion, did not give in easily. He told THE MAN this is crap. So is bicycling illegal?

THE MAN evidently said "not yet, but bicycles are next."

Surely this is hogwash?

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