money-saving tip

Instead of spending $30 on a tuxedo for your cat, Alison and I suggest this money saving tip: Merely shave your cat and spray paint a tuxedo on him instead. You can't tell the difference from 5 feet away anyhow.


mary said...


shafi said...

maybe you should use food coloring instead. spray paint might not be safe for kitty skin... In elementary school, i spray-painted styrofoam cups hoping to use them to make castle turrets, and left them to dry overnight. The next morning, the cups had been partially eaten and mostly deformed by the paint. (Or maybe the propellant. No idea.)

[Yes, i know you're not serious about the spray paint. =) ]

Bookninja said...

OR you could not subscribe to cable and buy a whole wardrobe for the cat with the savings. OR you could stop buying books and use the library.

We should always consider the fashion needs of the less fortunate.

Fudge Pie said...

Gloss or Matte finish?