Goat Milk Yogurt

Alright. This is exactly how i lose touch with friends. I don't call them for a while, and then "a while" turns into that length of time that is exactly too long to just call up and say "hey!", and so I hold off until something significant can happen, and then nothing exactly significant enough happens so I still don't call. A short while later full-fledged guilt will have set it, and I know damn well that I'm not gonna call now cause after all it's been three months and I've just got no desire to face what a poop head i am and everything.

Well, i ain't promising anything, but i'd like to not do that here. So....

There is a very proper goat milk yogurt to cereal ratio. Tonight--on the first bowl, at least-- i just didn't have it. The second one turned out alright, though.

Just thought you might want to know.

*now: as an experiment, i think i will send that little tidbit of knowledge to some of the people of whom i speak, i.e. those that i have delayed in contacting. If they have anything interesting to say back, then i'll let you know. okay.


The Mom said...

So, how is the goat milk yogurt? Does it taste any different from whole cow's milk yogurt? (That is what you got before that, right?) Don't forget to save a starter for your next batch!

Alison said...

Wow, look, it's Biffle! How exciting! I'm so happy to see you back on the blog!