tiny interruption

PLEASE do not let this interruption distract you from Biffle's excellent post, below. Go and read it right now. And when you're finished, have a look at the review that Conseula and I did of Becoming Jane, a review that's part of a Mother Talk blog tour.


Cassie said...

A most excellent review, friends. I was thinking of seeing the movie anyways, but now I'm convinced I need to go.

And eye candy to boot? Huzzah!


Question for you: did you think that the hot, sexed-up quality of the film was gratuitous at all, in the mode of most popular movies that just want to make "old fashioned" lit/authors sexy to sell it to a general (post)modern audience?

It sounds like you found many redeeming qualities in the hotness, but I wonder if that was just y'all being bright or whether it was intended to provoke thought about those more serious issues.

Thanks for your comments on this interesting film!

jims said...

Everyone I know keeps telling me to see this, but I'm afraid I'm too much an Austen purist (and also, possibly the only 22 year old Austen purist who was even a 16 year old Austen purist) to handle it. It takes a lot of liberties with, you know, fact. But if you say it was good, I can certainly show up and be the youngest person in the the theater.

femme fortis said...

Is Jims calling you old?

Alison said...

Cassie, I do think they sexed the film up partly to make it appealing, but I have to say I don't mind that so much because I think our notions of 18th and 19th c. women are that they were sexless beings. So it's a nice twist to show them as sexual agents. And in this film it didn't strike me as gratuitous.

Jims, do not go expecting historical accuracy. It doesn't bill itself as being historically accurate, and from the comments I've read from Jane Austen purists, I can tell that it definitely isn't.

And Femme, just because Jims acknowledges that she's younger than I am, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm old.