A Poem by Lizzie Piepmeier (July 4th, 1949)

My old hen died and never left a chick-
Wasn't sick long, went awfully quick
Moles, sowbugs and heavy rains
Was against her and she couldn't gain.
Hope your hen raises a big bunch
And she will, I have a hunch.
If so, save me one that is tough.
Just one will be enough.


The Mom said...

Where did you find that? In some of Aunt Ester's stuff? I don't remember a Lizzie Piepmeier being mentioned by anyone...do you know who her parents were?

Alison said...

It was in Letters from Exie Mae, one of Pawpaw's books. Lizzie was Bion's sister-in-law, I believe, and Exie Mae was her daughter.

The Mom said...

Yes, I remember Exie Mae's name. Pawpaw talked of her often. I think she was one of his favorite cousins. I just didn't remember that she was a Piepmeier. Thanks, Alison.