I heart NYC

Biffle and I are in New York for the weekend for the wedding of Christy Burks (one of my high school friends) and Joel Manaloto. (Since Christy does not show up at all on Google--what's with these rare un-Googleable people?--perhaps this shout out will give her an internet presence.) I'll have substantive posting to do soon, about life goals, and things I've removed from the life goals list, along with thoughts on being a third wave aspirational MILF.

That last term--which Debbie Siegel and I have dibs on--came up today at a long, chatty lunch with Debbie and her partner Marco. Marco pointed out that we were enacting the weirdly 21st century phenomenon of having a mostly digital relationship with someone--knowing them primarily, or even exclusively, through their blog--and then getting to meet them in person. Blogs are great, but the in-person element is irreplaceable, and it was wonderful to get to talk with both of them about feminism, branding, perfectionism, and life plans. I hope we get to do it again soon.

Here's Biffle enjoying the New York activity of drinking a beet-parsley-carrot juice while talking on his cell phone. Please notice that he is wearing his pajama bottoms. More photos to come.


claire said...

you have dibs on MILF? Are you meaning something different from the usual meaning (which I only learned from Weeds) or are you aspiring to something a little more mary louise parker?

Miss Meghann said...

Christy Burks! Marriage! New York!

Congrats to them and pleeeeeeeeeease don't forget to show Biffle Vosges (especially if cute guitar playing boy is still working behind the counter)

Alison said...

No, no, we don't have dibs on MILF--we have dibs on "third wave aspirational MILF."

And Meg, Biffle and I have not yet made it to Vosges, but we did meet an adorable server at a Brazilian restaurant.

The Mom said...

OK, Alison, I'm going to again show my ignorance - or age - by asking what in the world is MILF? Maybe I should be able to figure it out, but I haven't.