My New Gig

I said a while back on here that i would tell about my new job--i just wanted to get some pictures first. Well, i finally took some, so here goes...

My new gig is restoring pianos (among many other things) at a place called Fox Music House. The only thing that i can think of so far that may be even slightly not good about this job is the fact that it's located 5 miles from the house and is a difficult bike ride, viz i don't ride a bicycle to work. But currently i'm pretty much making the commute on the motorcycle, which is nice anyway. Also beneficially, i'm going away from town to get there, so i don't have to contend with traffic. So other than this commute problem, everything is incredible--the pay is great, i have no supervisor (hell, i'm the supervisor), i get to do something different just about everyday, i get to sweat and work hard when i want to, i get to live in air-conditioned comfort when i don't, i get to do problem-solving woodwork, i get to be creative, i get to make pretty things, the learning curve is a shapely one. I could go on. Actually, i think i will, but not right now. I have to get to work. More tommorrow.

Here's a picture of an old Steinway (it actually belongs to a celebrity!) that i have just completed re-finishing and re-building in the past week:

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chucker said...

I don't know you but I am happy for you.

Like you, I had a job that I truly like. Something different each day. Doing something I was good at and with very little supervision.

In fact, most of my work days were like that!

I feel sorry for people who trudge to work each day to do something they dislike.

Hope they find something good too. Wouldn't that be great!?