Man, Oh Man...

A few weeks ago i was reading a politically conservative blog. The writer was talking about how both Germany and France's recent elections of socially conservative leaders is proof that the entire world has had enough of liberal crap. I have a different theory, however.

Do you remember a few weeks back when Sarkozy--a frenchmen visiting the home of freedom fries--was goo-gooed and ooh-la-laed to death by our congress and the media? He was even sobriqued several times with the term Reaganesque, for god's sake.

Do you also remember how, recently, Andrea Merkel went for a nice visit at Bush's "ranch" down there in his adopted home state of Texas? She liked her visit very much.

Well, lo and behold a headline from today's International Herald Tribune:

France and Germany say Iran's Nuclear Program still a 'danger.'

Surprise, surprise.


Anonymous said...

Reading such posts leads this anonymous reviewer to conclude that Dr. Piepmeier married a trophy husband. A secondary hypothesis is also supported which concludes that male hegemonic dominance in world affairs should be subjugated to feminist ideals.

Blogless Reader said...

Reading this post and the first comment leads this anonymous reviewer to wonder if his glasses need updating. What the hell are you both trying to say?

Did evil neocons use alien pod technology to replace the European leaders with willing dupes?

Did the French and German leaders realize that their respective countries will be in range of Iranian missiles sooner rather than later?

Don't even get me started on the comment...

Blogless Reader

Sarah said...

Wow Walter, you're a "trophy husband". Grnph. Heeheeheehmpph. BwaHAAAAAAAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAA!!! *choke* *gasp* Heheheh.


Jason Goldtrap said...

I think the election results say nothing about any international trends except possibly an awakening of the individual against the state. And about Iran, if you take out the anti-Semitism, support for terrorism and massive arms program, they really aren't too bad.

Quiche said...

Sound's like "ignominious" is jealous of Alison- he wants Walt as a trophy!
He is charming. Hegemonic AND dominance is redundant. "Ignominious", why does one sex have to dominate over another, and what does that have to do with anything Walt said in his post???