Muse of the Month

I'm happy to report that I've been invited to be December's Muse of the Month over at skirt.com. I'll be blogging every week day about whatever's on my mind--which probably means I'll be less visible here since how many good ideas can I have in a day? If you miss me over here, check out the skirt! site.


The Mom said...

Alison, I'm not going to register so I can comment on your Skirt blog, so I'd like to comment here. You touched me with your comment on getting older. I also laughed out loud at your conversation at the wedding reception on your first entry. I happened to be at Sheila's "borrowing" her internet (mine's currently "dead")and read it to her. She got a chuckle out of it, too. I hope you know that I'm really proud to be able to claim you as my daughter! Love, Mom

Curtis said...

What lovely little snippets. I'm jealous of your biking. I'd love to bike around Johnson City- I even bought a bike for the purpose, and school is awfully close. But Eric is terrified I'll get hit by a car, considering how often I walk into doorframes even at home. The few times I've biked anywhere have been after 20-minute arguments, and I have to call him when I get there!