memorial for a shirt

Back when i used to smoke, a friend once told me i'd had a zippo lighter longer than he'd owned anything in his life. I'm proud of this, too. I like to hold on to stuff for a really long time--as an act of loyalty, as conservation, and as a statement of willingness to be a skinflint. This shirt represents all three of those things quite well.

I decided to finally retire it last night after Benya put a fatal rip in the sleeve while we were wrasslin'. It was time, though. I've had it for...well, somewhere around 17 years. I stole it from a guy named Dylan S., who, along with Wilhelm R. were my drinking buddies in college. Dylan had in turn stolen it from someone else whom i'm sure, given the old fifties-looking tag in it, stole it from a thrift shop.

One shirt made it half a century! It was a good shirt.



mary said...

nice diagram.

Biffle said...

took me all morning.

Quiche said...

Whatever happened to the Guatemalan patch pants of mine you borrowed for a gig at Exit Inn a few years ago? Ha!