The life of the mind

Today I read seven pages of a piece of academic writing that a dear friend of mine is working on.  This is the first academic writing I've read since my brain surgery, and I asked to see it just to see what it was like for me--could I understand it?

It required some concentration, but I did seem to understand it, and I had a couple of comments for her.  I wasn't sure if my conception of her idea was legitimate, and I warned her, "I may have completely misunderstood what you wrote, but if I did, I'm not sure if you should tell me directly..."  She wrote back that I had gotten the point.  Now, she's a dear friend, so this kind of nice comment doesn't necessarily mean that I actually got the point.  But she followed up by asking me two additional questions.

Two additional questions!

There's no reason you'd ask two additional questions unless the person you were asking had a potentially useful thing or two to say.  So, to me, this was a huge success.  Seven pages, and I was exhausted afterward, but it means that my academic brain is still there, still operational.


Aaron said...

I am aspiring to be at the level of academic understanding that you are at when you're exhausted.

In turn, I will continue to help you appreciate the subtle complexities of a well placed wiener joke.

Alison said...

Ah, yes--it's so nice that you and I can have such a beneficial relationship, Aaron.

Totally0Random said...

Alison, I'd appreciate having the level of academic understanding you have when you're sleeping!

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. Sending the best healing wishes your way.

Mel & Arthur

KMB said...

Alison, it's so good to see you up and about doing things that are important to you--even if it's only for 7 pages!


Sarah M. said...

Congrats! Had no doubt!