One month

Four weeks ago I had my brain surgery.

This seems both too long and not long enough, because my completely odd schedule these days has given me a weird sense of time.  I'm normally--since, what, age 5?--attuned to the academic schedule, yet I was surprised to learn that it was midterm time, and spring break.  This weird sense of time has affected others who live with me, too.  Two days ago Biffle packed up all his musical gear and drove thirty minutes, in a green shirt, for a St. Patrick's Day gig.  Neither he nor I, nor my mom who was living with us, realized that it was March 10 that day.

My priorities these days are

  1. Spending time with Maybelle and my family (there will be some new videos soon to document Maybelle's increasing cuteness)
  2. Sleeping--something I'm apparently not doing as much as various medical professionals thought I would be.  But they're not upset about this--pushing myself is endorsed by neurosurgeons.  Let me assure blog readers, though, that I'm sleeping far more than I ever have since infancy, and it continues to make me uneasy.
  3. Eating:  this has been made easier by the weeks of meals brought to our house by many wonderful friends and colleagues.  We had an amazing range of things, from pork risotto to cod chowder, from chicken curry to pad thai.  Such good food.  We managed to freeze some of the leftovers and are still eating them.

I'm very glad to have made it a month this well.  Much of this was made possible by my mom, who has been with us since the day before the surgery and just left today to go home to Tennessee.  She's been the person sleeping in the room with Maybelle and getting up with her in the morning, doing all our laundry and dishes, and she made quite a few of the meals for us after the food stopped appearing magically on our porch in the evening.  And she hasn't been one bit resentful of all this labor--she's actually been cheerful!  Let's hope for Maybelle's sake that I can be the same way if I need to be in the future.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed from my list above, blogging hasn't become one of my top priorities.  I keep having things I want to write about--my visit to the speech language pathologist, for instance, or my thoughts on my hair, or the Dilantin blood checks I keep having--but the other three big things take up much of the day.  Some folks have requested more blogging, and have even offered topics they'd like to hear about (like my thoughts about the playing of "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" when Kathryn Bigelow came to the stage to get the Oscar for Best Picture), and I want to assure you that I would love to blog more!  Let's hope that a little more time frees up soon.


Totally0Random said...

We always love hearing from you! Best wishes on your continued recovery.

-- Mel & Arthur

Anonymous said...

Enjoy that sleep, Alison. I suspect you earned it after all that hard work over the past 20 years, quite apart from this brain-tumor stuff.

Brian McGee

slwscout said...

Ah, I wish I could be there to do your laundry, dishes and cook for you. Ok, that or take videos of the adorable Maybelle. :-)