This week has been pretty intense (nothing worrisome--just a lot of work stuff), so instead of thoughtful posts, you're going to get some random slice of life blogging this weekend.

For example, here's a story from this morning. This story might illustrate children's incredible imitative capacities, or my vaguely incompetent parenting.  You decide.

Every morning of her life (since she was discharged from the NICU), Maybelle has watched me drink coffee--most often out of this mug.  In the past few days, she's become really interested in the coffee, reaching for it, signing "coffee" and trying to say it.  Normally I tell her, "This is for mama.  Here's your drink," and give her her sippy cup of water.  This morning I thought, "What the hell," and said, "Do you want to try some coffee?  I don't think you're going to like it."

She enthusiastically reached for the cup, so I helped her to take a swallow.  I expected her to make a terrible (but funny) face and spit it out, even going so far as trying to scrape it off her tongue, as she does with such abominations as grapes.  Instead, she looked up, smiling, and said, "Mmmmm!"

Just exactly what I do every single morning when I have my first sip of coffee.

That was adorable enough that I decided Maybelle needs her own cup of coffee, so I got her a little tiny mug of warm milk with cinnamon.  I told her which was Maybelle's coffee, and which was mama's coffee, and she's working hard on saying both those things.  Biffle did point out that what she's drinking isn't coffee, and that it might not be fair to tell her that it is.  But, you know, I've got to get my kicks somehow, and she'll eventually learn, and develop her own coffee snobbishness.  Or perhaps decide to rebel by being a Diet Coke drinker.


mary said...

i think it's fair to pretend it's coffee (just like it is fair to believe in santa claus...)! and not to mention praly pretty cute. you should vimeo the coffee routine.

Aaron said...

My first memories of drinking coffee are...

1) Postum with grandma

2) cold, super sweet, and milky coffee out of the Hardee's rise & shine mug off of the top of the el camino when pop wasn't looking.

The Mom said...

My first memory of drinking coffee was when my uncle gave me some - thinking pretty much what you did about Maybelle - when I was around 5 or 6...and he was pretty surprised when my reaction was much like hers. I've liked it ever since! It's in the genes, Alison & Aaron!

Tara said...

Her response was perfect! It made me laugh. She's a kid after my own heart. :)I have a 3yo coffee drinker in our house...only because I leave the cup lying around so much.

Quiche said...

I'd be more worried having to explain the picture on the coffee cup " Baird, that's Princess Leia...she's one of the good people...with a weapon...no, you cannot have a weapon...it's fictional Baird" Love that mug!

A teaspoon of instant decaf in warm milk or soy milk...is that bad?

Nana and Grand had this fish tank full of (seriously!) Brach's candies of all sorts- the Neapolitans, those gum drop bar things covered with sugar, the toffees that would get stuck in your teeth, Starlite mints, etc., and we would dig for, and hoard the coffee candies. Grand was opposed to us rifling through the candy, of course, but for us it was like having something normally forbidden- whispering, "I just had five coffees...tee hee...don't tell!"

Café a la Fudge said...

I started on Coffee around 2 or 3. Been drinking it ever since. I turned out alright. The doctor told me that I now have blood in my caffeine stream. :)

Anonymous said...

I assume Biffle still drinks lots of coffee too. With both parents loving it, she has the genes and will be demanding her REAL coffee soon enough. Yes Biffle I finally did start drinking coffee and became rather addicted:) unfortunately that is one thing I can not toloerate due to medical reason. Still go to teachers lounge just to smell it:), Maybelle is a smart girl and will soon figure out her cup is missing the good stuff. Enjoy reading the posts and seeing how well Maybelle is doing!!!!also get lots of updates from Aunt Julie!!!