Random coolness

Longtime comment-readers of the blog may have noticed thoughtful, passionate comments from Quiche.  I won't identify her since I haven't asked her permission, but I think I can safely say that she's a talented graphic artist, and it is our great good fortune that she was inspired to create some t-shirt logos based on the sign Biffle, Maybelle, and I held at the telethon protest.  The logos say "WHOLE PERSON" and "COMPLETE PERSON," and you can now put them on virtually any product under the sun at a Cafe Press website I just created:  http://www.cafepress.com/WholePerson.

Just fyi, I have purchased WHOLE PERSON shirts for Maybelle and me to wear to the Buddy Walk.  Biffle has a longstanding policy of not wearing shirts with anything written on them, so he'll be there in some very boring shirt of his own.

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